The Monitoring Maturity Model

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According to a survey by Enterprise Management Associates, most enterprises find it difficult to find the right monitoring strategy to manage their environments. At the same time, over 65% of the enterprises have more than 10 monitoring tools. These monitoring tools run as siloed solutions to support specific needs for different teams.

Based on research and conversations with enterprises from various industries we created the Monitoring Maturity Model. In this webinar we discuss the model that reflects the 4 stages of monitoring and will help you to understand your current monitoring maturity level and what steps you need to towards a more pro-active monitoring approach.

Join this Monitoring Maturity Model webinar to learn about:

  • The 4 levels of IT monitoring maturity;
  • Your current IT monitoring maturity level and steps you need to take to improve;
  • When your IT organization is ready to start implementing Artificial Intelligence;
  • How you stack up against your peers.

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Bas Bas Willems, Marketing Director at StackState  

Mark Arts
Mark Arts, Monitoring and AIOps specialist at StackState

Artem Grotov Artem Grotov, Chief Data Scientist at StackState



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