The advantages of combining model-based deployments and next-generation monitoring

Implementing Continuous Delivery is a must for enterprises that want to stay competitive. XebiaLabs’ XL Deploy product delivers automated, one-click deployments that speed up delivery while reducing deployment errors.

But what happens to your application after it has been deployed? Is it performing well and delivering value? Or is the new application release causing issues in your test, acceptance or production environment? StackState can answer these questions and more.

Join this live webinar and you'll learn the following:

  • Get insight into your runtime configuration, its dependencies and performance
  • Keep track of application deployments and other changes
  • Identify and troubleshoot issues across your IT landscape
  • Remediate application-related issues by rolling back deployment

When: Tuesday,  March 20, 4.00PM CET (Amsterdam time)
Presenters: Barry Godthelp (Sales Director, XebiaLabs), Martin van Vliet (Software Development Manager, StackState) and Jeroen Storm (Sales Director, StackState).



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