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Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations (AIOps) is a new term coined by Gartner. It is the future of IT Operations, combining big data with Artificial Intelligence to provide full stack visibility, monitoring and intelligence across the IT landscape.

If you are new to AIOps, this webinar is a perfect place to start. Know what AIOps is, why you should use it, and how it will helps your business.

Join this AIOps masterclass as we discuss:

  • What is AIOps - learn about challenges, market trends and representative AIOps vendors  
  • AIOps use cases - benefits of AIOps and how to integrate with your current tools
  • Artificial Intelligence - different forms of AI and how it increases productivity of IT teams
  • Demo of StackState AIOps - experience AIOps live and how it delivers visibility across teams, tools and technologies.

When:  Coming Soon

Bas Bas Willems, Marketing Director at StackState  

Mark Arts
Mark Arts, Monitoring and AIOps specialist at StackState

Artem Grotov Artem Grotov, Chief Data Scientist at StackState



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