The AIOps Maturity Model

White Paper

The IT operations landscape is changing rapidly with fast adoption of dynamic infrastructures, including hybrid clouds, containers, and microservices. Legacy monitoring vendors are struggling to adapt their products to fit these modern architectures and to deal with the volume, variety and velocity of data generated. Old delineations between monitoring tools (such as infrastructure versus network versus application) are breaking down. The glue that brings the layers together is innovations in the application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for IT Operations.

The AIOps Maturity Model will help organizations to understand their AIOps Maturity and high-level strategies to grow.

In this white paper, you'll learn:

  1. The 3 levels of AIOps maturity;

  2. Your current AIOps maturity level;

  3. Strategies you could to take to improve;

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StackState AIOps Maturity Model

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