StackState Product Demo


Save My Seat

Can you reduce the amount of time that’s being wasted on pinpointing where failures originate from? Easily determine which business services are impacted?

With StackState, you can. We built the world’s first Algorithmic IT Operations platform that helps enterprises to lower their mean-time-to-repair and eliminate downtime across all layers of the IT landscape.

Join this live product demo and see how StackState is able to:

  • Consolidate all data across your DevOps toolchain in one interface
  • Create a unified view of all layers of the IT landscape, including their dependencies and states
  • Prevent alert storms
  • Automate root cause analysis and provide insight into the cause and impact of any change or failure

When: Friday, December 1 at 4.00PM CET (Amsterdam time)
Presenter: Mark Arts, Technical Sales Engineer at StackState

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